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About Soccer Genius

What is Soccer Genius?

Five challenging and fun to do measurements!

Futher measurements and protocols will be introduced in future


The player begins by dribbling through the starting sensor gate and proceeds around SG defender 1, then around 2,3 and 4. The player then executes a bigger curve and cuts between 3 and 2 to round 2.Then the player dribbles between 2 and 1, rounds 1 and dribbles across finishing gate.

Measurement of: Speed, acceleration, deceleration, balance, ball control, agility and performance under pressure.

New approach in coaching
Improve your players

Passing and Receiving

The player begins by sprinting through the starting sensor gate to the center circle and begins to pass the ball off the four numbered rebound boards in rapid succession.

LEFT FOOT: Rotate 2,1,4 and 3
RIGHT FOOT: Rotate 1,2,3 and 4

The player concludes by returning through the sensor and finish gate.

Before proceeding to next rebound board the ball must be played off the designated board and received inside the center circle.

Note: Four extra balls will be available for any missed rebound board.

Game Action Running

Player leaves the sensor gate and sprints towards the SG defender, runs around the defender and then accelerates towards the hash line. The player must break the plane of the hash line with either foot before sprinting back around the defender and heading for the finishing gate.

Note: First turn is to player’s left and second turn is to player’s right.

Good for players of all ages and ability

Accuracy and Finishing

The players enter through the sensor gate and must shoot a total of three balls into the goal before exiting back through the finishing gate to record their time. The player must round the defender as shown after each shot. A total of three shots must be netted for the measurement to stand. Three extra balls are made available at the goal-side base of the SG-defender for missed shots. The action is completed when the player runs through the finishing gate.

Shot Velocity

The player strikes a ball with maximal velocity directly at the radar sensor. The velocity is recorded in miles per hour (mph) by the Soccer Genius radar gun.

A player’s Soccer Genius Shot Velocity is a measurement of his/her muscular strength, shooting technique, and velocity generated by speed of angular rotation (how fast the foot moves from the point of maximal recoil to point of impact release.)

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