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Partnership opportunities

A Soccer Genius Base may be purchased by club or an
individual interested in being an owner/operator.
Number of players in club Annual profit for club
1,000 $45,000
2,000 $90,000
3,000 $135,000
The Soccer Genius Win – Win model is designed to develop players
and create a reliable revenue stream for clubs.

What is included?

Access to fully operational and integrated Soccer Genius website for the benefit of players and club.

Scores are archived on the website for players and coaches to view.

4x Computer tablets, 3x Sensors, 1x Radar Gun, 4x Rebound boards

4x Start Gate with tablet holder, 7x Defenders, 1x Goal net, Video guidelines and support.

Seminar for base owners will be provided.

Access to future measurments which will be introduced in 2014

Futher measurements and protocols will be introduced in future

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