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About Soccer Genius

Why Soccer Genius?

We believe Soccer Genius provides a dynamic, objective measuring protocol which will provide individual benchmarks and comparative measurements. The players will interact with coaches, improve their game and chart their ongoing development.

We at Soccer Genius know that when a players measurements improve so does their game.

The Soccer Genius Way

We want our Soccer Genius measurements to provide a helpful service to soccer players who have the desire to improve. We will begin by providing a benchmark measurement. We see the individual and composite measurement as mere starting points!

We do not want measurements to evoke fear, anxiety or embarrassment with participants! Your measurement is password protected and we at Soccer Genius want you to work: with the ball, your coach, your teammates while cultivating your love of the game! The goal is to become an improved player!

A series of realistic and applicable soccer “game action“ measurements

The Soccer Genius Experience

A player engaging in the 5 Soccer Genius measurements can expect to spend approximately one hour participating in the process. During this time they will receive advice and instruction from their team coach and the Soccer Genius coach. They will watch other players perform and learn from them. Players will be given the opportunity to dribble, pass and receive, perform a game action running test, measure their proficiency shooting on goal and conclude with a measurement of their shot velocity.

A record or “benchmark” from which individual mprovement can be measured

The Soccer Genius Plan

We aim to continue to provide dynamic soccer measurements for many years to come. Our current 5-measurement series is intended to establish a baseline. As you continue to improve upon your measurements our database will show your progress. We know serious players are competitors and we are confident that you will work; one on one with a ball, with your coach and with your teammates to become technically proficient. We want you to focus on improving your personal measurement and to know that when your scores improve so does your game. We at Soccer Genius aspire to encourage you to practice with purpose and develop as a player.

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